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named after a ‘serious error found in operating systems’

This website aims to be an independent global resource and discussion platform for credible news, information and data that questions the effectiveness and response of the coronavirus crisis. I would like it to become a platform of discussion on whether the majority of society has become complacent to living in a sterile safe world? and is the lockdown a response where the public demanded action by the government as a result of the MSM (Main Stream Media) terrifying the public into believing the pandemic was worse than the initial psychotic models led everyone to believe?

This isn’t a conspiracy against the government by the public or a conspiracy by the government against the public…but was this a gargantuan disaster created by the perfect storm and should we investigate open and immediately to ensure it never happens again…. Please feel free to comment or publish your own articles on the site.

Site Key Objectives

1. Provide a global resource of information and data that questions the UK response to coronavirus.
2. Question the effectiveness of current modelling that has driven govt policy.
3. Discuss whether society has become sterile and not prepared to accept risk.
4. Become a free discussion and publishing platform that could help future policy and decision making.

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