Today we made our usual journey into  town to shop. Coming towards us in the carpark were a family of four, Mother and Father and two young girls .The girls looked thin and downcast and were wearing hideously freakish  long masks. They were solemnly walking towards the supermarket.A scene of horror.These young children forced to wear sinister and ridiculous face masks. 

What will these children grow up to become? Carrying on this fear of life and its risks.Is this really the future? Will we have a future society afraid to step outside the door and live? This is State-approved child abuse.It is damaging their minds and not allowing them to enjoy a normal childhood.Abuse takes many forms and the Government, weak minded scared parents and a generation of risk averse people are guilty of instigating this crime against a free life.

What if we have a second spike, common in Pandemics? These same people will  then be calling for another Lockdown.Another catastrophic shut down to “Save the NHS” and other meaningless excuses. We can’t let them.Too much damage  has already been done .

It’s time we all accept  the virus will probably be with us a long time.It’s time we all accept risk in our lives.Life is precious and short and we we can’t truly live it hiding away in fear.

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