Black Lives Matter protests continue in towns and cities across the whole of the Country.In Bristol, over the weekend, thousands congregated.Here they toppled the fine statue of Edward Colston, a rich merchant , philanthropist and slave trader, which had stood in the city for 120 years. The sight of a screaming mob  tearing it down and “taking the knee”to it  before hurling it into the beautiful RiverAvon was a sad and terrible thing to witness.

Colston was a major figure in Bristols history.He was a rich merchant and philanthropist.He founded schools and hospitals and provided almshouses for the poor. He was also , like many rich merchants at the time, a slave trader.This unpalatable truth has made him a controversial figure in recent times.However, this is still part of Bristols history.It is  a fact in many other towns and cities the slave trade brought Fine Houses ,estates and Stately Homes to our landscape. These activists cannot tear the whole country down. Colston needs to be seen and talked about.Our children should be asking why he was so admired and then hated. We learn from history. We learn about terrible injustices on other human beings.We learn to put them right. William Wilberforce and others fought a long battle to bring about the abolition of slavery and eventually the  Abolition of Slavery Act. 

The scenes in London of terrified horses, a  rabid mob defacing monuments and urinating on the Cenotaph were indicative of people with no respect for the War dead who fought for their freedom and rights.The irony would be lost on them.

Many thousands have gathered to protest.They do not care about spreading the Coronavirus. They care about nothing except their own narcissism. The Hard Left are in their element right now encouraging mindless and pathetic vandalism.Protesting about the brutal murder of a black man by an American Policeman is fine,  especially in America, but we are not a racist country.Our history is vastly different.The scenes are  reminiscent of the American race riots of the 60s , but this is the UK and there is a sort of dishonesty and insincerity about the protests here in the UK .Apart from trying to wreck our country what is their real motive? 

How can the Government now ask any of us to respect the Lockdown “rules”. How can they ask us to “socially distance” . These riots and destruction make a mockery of the Lockdown and all the sacrifices the public have patiently endured  for nearly 3 months.

Every day writing my diary is becoming more and more depressing.I cannot understand the public continuing to be so compliant and complacent.Parents not sending their children to school where they should be for their health and happiness.Irrationally worried about a  minuscule risk of catching COVID-19. And the  very strange way Race and Pandemic have merged. What is wrong with us? We can’t let this happen!

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