Extract from my Diary  /    May 15th 2020

I have the feeling easing out of the Lockdown is going to be a long drawn out period of political arguing, insults and outpourings of fake sentiment from the public over the deaths of people who were personally unrelated to them. It is obviously sad that there have been deaths with Covid-19 but grief is personal  only to the families and friends. Many were at the end of their lives with perhaps months to live. I feel grief instead for the the lost livelihoods and the emotional damage being inflicted on young and old alike.Humans are social beings. It is cruel and unnatural to punish a whole country  and leave us all about to pay a huge price. Many people will have avoided putting pressure on “The NHS Angels”. Many have worried themselves sick over a possible case of hay fever.The tragedy of many missed cancers. It is and never was a sustainable idea. The Lockdown has eased but peoples’ minds haven’t. A relentless daily brainwashing by the Government Mouthpiece Organisation (BBC ?) and the press is still making people scared and uneasy.Coronavirus has been described as deadly but we have an even  more deadly virus  amongst us. It is called “Social Media”.A wave of fake  news and hysteria can be relayed around the world in minutes. Twitter storm ensues. Result is Panic. The Press then jump on board whipping everything up never letting the facts stand in the way of a good scare story.

I am disturbed today by what I consider to be unprofessional and unacceptable behaviour of the BBC ( see a theme recurring?) . Peter Ebdon the snooker player was being interviewed on  the BBC. The interview was then reported in the Independent (ironically). The reporter Ben Burrows  accused Ebdon of “Promoting  a conspiracy theory around the Coronavirus pandemic”. Peter Ebdon in fact had  stated that he thought social distancing was harmful to humans as we are social beings . There was no Conspiracy theory and Burrows shows staggering stupidity by not even knowing the definition of a Conspiracy. Burrows then reported that 34,000 people had died OF the Coronavirus. Not WITH.

Expressing a very widely held view, including my own, that an “awful lot of brainwashing has been going on” is not a Conspiracy.” We’re facing the greatest psychological operation in history”he went on to say. Again, a widely held view.

He then stated “Is social distancing harmful’? Yes,it probably is. People need touch, need to shake hands.They need to build up their immunity”

Poor Peter Ebdon. He didn’t see the BBC trap. One can only imagine the Twitterstorm and the vindictive hateful comments he will have to endure.

Diane Roche








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