One of the main reasons for writing this blog was to try and separate out wild conspiracy from critical thinking. Its become most unsettling to be bracketed as a chemtrail believing, 5G nut for wanting to question the response to the crisis.

There is a very unnerving divide happening now where i fear i am adrift in a no mans land. On one side we have what are deemed to be far-right groups like the armed protesters in Michigan demanding an end to lockdown, whilst the ultra liberal left campaign against Boris for not having imposed authoritarian measures sooner and for longer and are using this as an excuse to bash a Tory government. ‘Life in the Safe Space’ and the echo chamber, in a world where protecting people from harm has taken precedence over celebrating their autonomy and unleashing their potential, has led to this – to this situation in which the government hints at giving people some of their freedom and discretion back, and the cultural elites cry in unison: ‘No. Don’t. It’s too dangerous.’(you cant make this up)

So where does someone who believes there is no conspiracy, trusts science, has faith in the government but believes we have acted in a state of collective hysterical driven by a perfect storm? That’s exactly where i am. I see friends of mine inviting me to anti-lock down groups but unfortunately they are often a pot of extremists, Islamophobia, anti vaxers, anti 5G campaigners with the odd academic, scientist, medical professional prepared to stick their head above the parapet. We need to separate critical thinking and lockdown fanatics.

Calculations are now emerging of real data that will enrage the social media mob. People will denounce me as a “Nazi” and a “eugenicist” or, if they were feeling charitable, a “Tory scumbag”. Apparently, anyone who dissents from the official Government line – that we should do “whatever it takes” to stop people becoming infected – deserves to be vilified.

Having recently spent some time at a nearby secluded coastal location during lock down with my children and other groups of well educated families. It became apparent that many of them also shared scepticism over the measures but were very nervous about either being seen publicly ‘flouting’ the rules or to speak up against the measures through fear of their professional reputation. I can totally understand this where we have a reported 93.3% of confidence in the lockdown. There are so many questions that need to be properly answered… Hysteria occurs because we confuse precaution with risk and we haven’t paused to think if this lockdown was at all necessary. 

I have never been afraid of letting people know how i feel and am more than happy to be proved wrong (its the wanting to be proved wrong that has pushed me to make this website) Where it seems to me we’re not relaxing lockdown, so much as ramping up the scope for social inhibition. i hope that this platform can cut through some of those inhibitions to discuss. 



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