This article is to provide an insight into an interesting development in a case by lawyers Wedlake Bell LLP who are representing UK businessman Simon Dolan in launching a legal case against the UK govt to challenge the lockdown. 

The public have been repeatedly reminded by the govt that they are being ‘led by the science’  The Government have now released their previously classified or carefully manipulated SAGE documents to the public. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) who provide the scientific and technical advice to support government decision makers during emergencies have released their meeting minutes following demands by the lawyers having formally had a Judicial Review served on them demanding disclosure on 26 May.

The published SAGE meeting minutes are in chronological order from 22nd January (SAGE1) up to (SAGE34) on May 7th you can read them in full here   – Please note. The only reason the Govt published these was because of  legal action. 

The UK was put into lockdown on 23 March in an unprecedented step to attempt to limit the spread of coronavirus. But the chief scientists of the UK Govt do not even mention it in their meeting minutes leading up to the decision. There is no record of a full lockdown being similarly discussed throughout the meetings, on the contrary, at various stages they recommended against it. The idea of banning the entire population from leaving the house without a reasonable excuse does not seem to have been seriously entertained at any point during the crisis.

Minutes from meetings (SAGE17) on March 18th 3 days before lockdown is announced, again it is not mentioned at all, it actually states in point 4 of the summary that SAGE is maintaining the consistent advice from the start of March: 

We know from the previous SAGE Minutes what additional intervention means.

  • No Lockdown

  • Protecting the elderly by ‘cocooning’

We can also see that with 9 days to the Lockdown decision on 13th March (SAGE15), SAGE was telling Govt UK that locking people down in their own households would increase infection risk.

Now what happens next is bizarre…there are No SAGE Minutes because there are No SAGE Meetings. between 19-22 March 2020 in what is the single most important science-led decision since the Manhattan Project no one bothered to meet up and discuss. Omitted documents in the interests of national security are understandable but the questions remain on why this was not discussed by the government with SAGE? who now reconvenes in hyper-reality on March 24th. It is as if the Lockdown had not been announced at all. The govt response was that they have published all the documentation below…?

What is clear here is the the government was not ‘led by science’ but surrendered to public panic. The entire country was placed under virtual house arrest with a political decision and not “based or led by the science”. This is not a conspiracy it is business as usual in everyday politics, an elected head of state acting in the interests of the majority of the public.

We know that by the middle of March the public had been whipped into a full lather of hysteria by apocalyptic headlines, as outlined below and by my first post on March 15th 

The Critic ‘ Secondly, public opinion changed. Regardless of what SAGE thought of mass gatherings, there was widespread concern about events like the Cheltenham festival and the Champions League game in Liverpool going ahead. The British public saw the Irish government closing the pubs the day before St Patrick’s Day and wondered why its own government wasn’t doing the same..’

And this from ‘The founding myth of the lockdown is almost the opposite of the truth. Science did not triumph over politics on 23 March. It would be more accurate to say that the strategy which preceded the lockdown, unpopular though it now is, was based on science whereas the decision to go into lockdown was political.’

‘This is in some ways helpful to the government since it debunks the myth that Boris was told to lock down the country by SAGE long before March 23rd and failed to act on that advice due to “dither and delay”, thereby leading to thousands additional Covid deaths.’

Whether this was mass hysteria or simple common sense is not the point. It was the public mood and the government responded to it.’

It was not being ‘led by the science’….




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