As a mother of two grown up sons, I would describe their childhoods as full of risk.My youngest son was and still is an avid skateboarder and my eldest  son surfed from the age of 11 and still does.During their early years they no doubt took many risks in the pursuit of their sport. 

I remember my son surfing at Perranporth and me being too scared to watch.I once ran into the sea fully clothed  thinking he’d  drowned when he had simply disappeared from sight, much to his acute embarrassment. My youngest son would perform death defying ( to those over 50) manoeuvres over concrete structures.

I love their spirit.I love their Love of Life.Brainwashed and Twitter addled parents are now afraid of life.Afraid of letting their children be free and be risk takers. 

What is the point of a joyful young energetic life without risk?

My sons have grown up with this spirit and they are now  passing  it on to their children, much to the wrath of the local Facebook community  who have treated him like Public Enemy number 1 after being shamed? for pursuing surfing with his family and friends. The sea is full of viruses  and various bacteria and the sand may conceal  the pain inducing spine of a Weever fish but they will never stop.He will carry on undaunted as I know for sure their viciousness and ignorance will hurt but not deter him.

Children also need to return to school as quickly as possible . They need their friends and a different environment to the restrictive walls of home.




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